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Benny’s provides spotless residential and commercial window cleaning services across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Our pure water systems will gently remove and rinse away exterior surface dirt and pollen that are keeping the outside of your windows from looking their cleanest. When our window cleaners enter your home we wear disposable shoe covers in order to keep your carpets and floors just as clean as they were before. We operate in an efficient manner using our bucket and squeegee method on interior windows to leave a streak free finish every time. In addition, our interior/ exterior window cleaning package includes track cleaning and screen cleaning at the same fair price!

Window cleaning pricing varies based on the size and style of each window and number of windows. For example, cleaning French pane windows are priced differently than a standard two pane window or larger bay window. Our professional window cleaning services are available to Long Island homeowners, property managers, contractors, and commercial buildings.  We use professional grade cleaning supplies and invest in innovative equipment, while paying great attention to safety and detail.


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There are no limitations to the type of glass surfaces Benny’s Window Cleaning professionals can clean.  Hard Water stain removal is a specialty service that we offer and requires a specific cleaning solution and multi-step process.  Hard water stains are common on first level windows and car windows subject to sprinklers as well as shower rooms, doors, and mirrors that are constantly getting splashed with tap water from New York’s naturally hard water tables.

For an average residential home on long island, you can expect to pay between $8-12 per average sized window for a full interior and exterior professional window cleaning job.  We recommend that our client’s clean their windows at least once a year inside and out and an additional cleaning for the exterior windows which become subject to dirt much faster than inside your home.  Waterfront properties on Long Island should clean their windows more regularly due to ocean breezes carrying salty, moist air resulting on salt build up on your exterior window. If neglected over time, this build up can jeopardize the integrity of your glass and cost you substantially in premature window replacements.

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