Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Is your roof infected with ugly black mold, mildew, and algae? Benny’s offers a simple soft wash roof cleaning solution that will cost-effectively restore your roof, saving you thousands compared to premature roof failure!

Our process is approved by all major U.S asphalt shingle manufacturers and using high pressure under any circumstance will void your warranty and result in massive granular loss.

If your roof has been neglected long enough that moss, lichens, and other vegetation is physically showing on your roof, you MUST get your roof cleaned. Your insurance company has the right to drop your coverage for neglecting to clean your roof.

Our cleaning solution goes to work once applied, killing these living organisms that are eating at your roof’s surface life. After a soft rinse your roof will look like new!

If you are looking to remove rust stains caused by runoff from your chimney and other metal flashings, look no further! Benny’s has an entire inventory of specialty cleaners meant to remove stains you didn’t even think possible.

Whether its asphalt shingles, tile, cedar shake, or metal cladding, when we are finished your roof will be restored back to its original color and beauty!

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