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West Chester! Big or Small, Protect Anything at all with Benny’s Shrink Wrap.

Long Island, Benny’s Sensible Solution for preserving your valuable Patio Furniture, Boats, Outdoor Kitchens, and more, is Benny’s Shrink Wrap. Too big to bring indoors?  Protect it outdoors with Benny’s Shrink Wrap.

Benny’s presents another Benny’s Sensible Solutions service in the form of Benny’s Shrink Wrapping: to protect your outdoor valuables all year ’round. Do what the airlines and boat yards do when they have to protect their products from the ravages of the great outdoors; they Shrink Wrap them! Benny’s Shrink Wrap protects your Outdoor Patio Furniture, your Outdoor Barbecue, Large Planters and Fountains, Outdoor Kitchens, and yes, your Big Boats, Kayaks, and Jet Skis. Don’t neglect what you can’t easily bring indoors. Benny’s Shrink Wrap is another in a Benny’s Sensible Solutions service that will save you a lot of time and money no matter where you live on Long Island!

Benny’s Shrink Wrap is cheap and extremely convenient. Your expensive belongings are safely Shrink Wrapped in Benny’s thick, 7-mil, Poly-America Shrink Wrap film with UV inhibitors that keep everything safe from exposure to Sun, Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail, or whatever else Mother Nature happens to send your way. Precipitation just rolls right off Benny’s Shrink Wrap.

Benny’s Shrink Wrap does not rip, implode, or blow away. Your important things are as safe inside their Benny’s Shrink Wrap cocoon as you are inside your warm and cozy home.

Shrink wrapping cost varies based on quantity and type of items to wrap. Please describe the required items to cover and we will respond with a price right away.

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“Benny is a pleasure!!!… He did a wonderful professional job, and our house looks brand new!”

Marjorie Iovino, Customer

“They were very thorough and meticulous with their work. Very affordable too. have and will recommend them to anyone who needs their services.”

Richar Lopez, Customer

“They were thorough, efficient and very competitively priced. I would highly recommend their services.”

Branden Shepherd, Customer

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