Patio Washing and Sealing

Our Process

Our Patio Washing and Sealing starts with cleaning. After cleaning we allow a couple of sunny days for pavers to dry out our next step is to brush polymeric sand in between pavers. If you’re looking to hire a company and they tell you the process ends there, do not proceed! You must compact the joints with a vibrating plate compactor to ensure the poly sand is compact in the joints and that the patio remains level. This step makes all the difference, cutting corners will allow the loose sand to sink and you will have wasted your money. After joints are completely filled and compact with polymeric sand and excess has been completely removed from the top of your pavers, the activation process begins.

Activating Poly-sand

You must be careful when activating poly-sand. The modern technology is similar to that of cement. When it is properly activated with water and cures it will harden, solidifying your joints, therefore inhibiting weed / moss growth between pavers. The surface must be completely clear of all sand except the sand which is filling the joints. Activating prior to doing this will result in what is called poly-hazing and you will be left with an ugly cream discoloration stuck to your freshly cleaned pavers. When activating the poly-sand you must not use too much or too little water. Now we leave time to cure and pavers dry out once again.


After poly-sand is cured and pavers are bone dry, the final step is to apply 2 thin coats of sealant of our premium solvent-based sealant using our proprietary mix in industrial grade concrete sprayers. (NOTE: water-based sealers are NOT good).
Your block pavers we’re expensive to install on the front end, which is all the more reason to maintain and seal for the sake of their longevity. Our meticulous process and diamond quality sealers will enhance the beauty and life span of your block patios, driveways, walkways, staircases, and retaining walls. You will be happy you went with the best!

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