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Prior to applying a stain or a sealant to your wood decking, we apply a stripper and cleaning solution to gently remove the existing, weathered stain, and restore your wood without using high pressure. For extremely weathered/rotted decks complete deck refinishing and resurfacing services are available.

Similar to paver sealing the wood must be completely dry prior to accepting a penetrating sealer or stain. During this time between Cleaning and sealing, we consult with Long Island Home owners to pick a stain or sealant from our extensive catalog of the client’s choice.

Applying a stain or sealant to your wood decking helps to preserve, protect and enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space, however proper preparation is key in order to achieve long-lasting results!

We use commercial-grade floor sanders to remove old stain remnants and damaged wood and smooth away splinters. We tape off and cover all foliage, then apply two coats using an airless paint sprayer for a perfectly uniform finish.

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